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1/4 Beef Share

1/4 Beef Share

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The 1/4 beef share is perfect for the smaller family that doesn't have beef on their menu every night.  This share yields 100lbs of packaged beef.  The breakdown is 50% ground beef (or 50lbs in 1lb packages), 20% steaks and 30% roasts and other cuts.

This share does include a 1/2 brisket and a beautiful flank or skirt steak, depending on availability.  Offal can also be included upon request!

We recommend at least 5 cubic feet of freezer space for a quarter beef.  A 6-7cubic foot freezer will allow for the 1/4 share as well as a few other things so this may be your best bet if you are purchasing a freezer for this purpose.

 ***Currently sold out.  Next 1/4 shares will be AVAILABLE FOR PICK UP January 2022.  ORDER NOW TO SECURE YOUR SHARE*** 

*1/4 shares are available for ranch pick up.  We are also able to ship 1/4 shares for an extra shipping fee.  If you would like us to ship your 1/4, please contact us for pricing at

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