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Half Beef Share

Half Beef Share

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The Half Beef share yields 225lbs+ of finished beef for your family to enjoy!  Typical breakdown is 25% Steaks, 35% roasts and other cuts, and 40% ground beef.  The breakdown is as follows:

Ribeye : 4-5 steaks, average of 10 pounds total 

Filet Mignon: 4 - 6 steaks, average 3 lbs total

New York Strip: 5 - 6 steaks, average of 6 pounds total  

Top Sirloin : 4 packages of 1 2LB steak, average of 8 pounds total  

Top Round Steak : 8 pounds total  

Tri-tip : 21 tri-tip, average of 2 pounds total  

Flat Iron : 2 flat iron steaks, average of 2 pounds total  

Flank Steak : 1 flank steak1, average of 1-2 pounds total  

Skirt Steak : 1 skirt steak, average of 2 pounds total

Denver Steak : 2 steaks, average of 2 pounds total 

Brisket : 1 brisket, average of 8-9 pounds total  

Chuck Roast : 4 roasts, average of 10-12 pounds total

Sirloin Tip Roast: 2 roasts, average of 5 pounds total

Short Ribs : average of 8 pounds total

Stew Meat: average of 8 pounds total

Kabob and or Fajita Meat: average of 6 lbs


*optional offal by request

Oxtail : 1 oxtail average of 1.5-2 pounds

Liver : 2 pounds total 

Tongue: 2 pounds total 

TOTAL = +/- 225 POUNDS

*this represents our average yield, but because every animal is different, some quantities or weights may vary

We recommend at least 8 cubic feet of freezer space for a a 1/2 share but if you plan to store anything else in the freezer, a 9-12cubic feet freezer would be better suited for storage. 

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